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About Us

USRN Partners is an Integrated Physician Practice.

At USRN, we specialize in providing permanent healthcare solutions by employing top-tier physicians and medical staff who are local to your area and who all have an ownership stake in USRN. Our professionals are committed to working at your organization on a permanent basis, while being employed by USRN. This model combines the stability and familiarity of having a dedicated local staff with the efficiency and support of a centralized employment system.

How It Works

Local Employment: All USRN staff, including physicians, are recruited from the local community. This ensures they are part of the local fabric, understanding the specific health needs and culture of the area they serve.

Permanent Placement: While USRN professionals are employed by us, they work exclusively at your facility. They are not temporary or traveling staff; they are as permanent as any direct hire and are fully integrated into your team.

USRN Employment: By being employed through USRN, these professionals receive unparalleled benefits and support, ownership, enhancing job satisfaction and retention. USRN handles all HR aspects, including payroll, benefits administration, onboarding, ongoing compliance, and professional development, freeing your organization from these tasks.

Continuous Care & Integration: Our model ensures that the professionals placed at your facility are not just filling a role temporarily; they are there to stay, providing continuous care and building lasting relationships with patients and other staff.

Benefits for Your Organization

Consistency and Reliability: You get the continuity of care that only comes from long-term, dedicated staff members.

Reduced Administrative Burden: USRN alleviates the significant administrative workload associated with employment processes, allowing you to focus more on patient care and less on paperwork.

Enhanced Care Quality: With professionals who are vested in their community and supported by USRN, the quality of care is enhanced, leading to better patient outcomes and satisfaction.

Lower Cost: By leveraging USRN’s economies of scale in benefits administration and payroll, we offer a cost structure that is typically more favorable than managing these functions in-house, reducing your overall staffing costs.

With USRN, you’re not just filling positions; you’re enhancing your healthcare team with permanent, locally engaged professionals who are supported by one of the best employment systems in healthcare today and have a financial incentive for the success of your patients. Our model ensures stability, reduces turnover, and maintains high standards of care, making USRN the ideal partner for your long-term staffing needs.

Our Mission

The USRN mission is to enhance healthcare delivery by providing top-tier professionals who are deeply integrated into client facilities through a supportive and efficient employment system, ensuring long-term stability and high-quality patient care.

Value Proposition

USRN offers a transformative approach to healthcare staffing by permanently placing top-tier medical professionals who are locally sourced and have an ownership stake in the company. These professionals are employed by USRN but work exclusively at your facility, integrating seamlessly into your team and alleviating the administrative burdens of payroll, benefits, and compliance management. Our model enhances consistency in care and increases staff retention, significantly reducing turnover and associated costs. USRN provides a stable, cost-effective solution for healthcare staffing, ensuring high-quality care and operational efficiency for your organization.

Our Diverse Team of Healthcare Professionals

At USRN, we pride ourselves on assembling a diverse and skilled team of healthcare professionals who are not only committed to excellence in patient care but are also integral members of our ownership group. Our team includes highly qualified physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, radiology technologists, surgical technicians, registered nurses, physical therapists, LPNs, and medical assistants. Each clinician brings specialized expertise and a shared commitment to enhancing healthcare delivery through a collaborative and integrated approach. By joining USRN, these professionals gain not just employment but a stake in their workplace, fostering a unique environment of mutual success and dedication to patient outcomes.

Proprietary Technology: WeHired

At USRN, we leverage our proprietary technology, WeHired, to revolutionize the way we onboard and manage healthcare professionals. The WeHired platform transforms the traditionally lengthy clinician onboarding process from weeks into just a few days, while also significantly simplifying ongoing compliance management. Our cutting-edge system guarantees error-free document management and timely expiration tracking for all of your USRN staff. By integrating WeHired, USRN offers unparalleled operational efficiency and reliability, making our staffing solutions even more attractive to healthcare organizations seeking top-tier talent with minimal administrative delay.

USRN Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement

At USRN Partners we strive to serve all of our patients, partner employees and healthcare partners without bias. You are our community and reflect diversity, shared experiences and a passion for care. We respect your race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, religion, abilities, socioeconomic status, experience, perspective and any other distinguishing attributes. We are deeply committed to upholding these values in the quality of our service.