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About Us

USRN PARTNERS is a clinician owned medical group dedicated to providing high quality patient care.

Since our inception, USRN has been passionate about changing the face of healthcare. With a unique employee ownership mentality, our solutions help patients access life changing care. We equip health systems and clinics to operate more effectively. Our mission is to improve patient outcomes.

Our clinical team includes physicians, nurses, therapists, technicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners who continuously raise the standard of health care.

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Our Health Systems

We partner with health systems and groups across the country who share similar values, clinical best practices and help facilitate the delivery of consistent, high-quality services for patients, staff and payers. We help healthcare leaders and clinicians solve their toughest challenges and deliver high-quality care through our full suite of clinical solutions.

Value Proposition

Health systems and practices need to ask themselves a simple question; would they rather be fully staffed or understaffed? Staffing and recruiting expenses are frequently misallocated, only to see more staff exiting than being hired. Many organizations are overpaying to be understaffed and having to rely on expensive short term solutions such as travel nurse firm, locum firms and other staffing firms avenues. Our talented team of clinicians have a financial incentive for the success of the patients. In turn, employers who use our service will see an increase in retention rates, a decrease in attrition costs and an overall stabilization of their workforce; which will help lead to better patient outcomes and a reduction in readmissions.

Our Mission

From the start, our mission has always been dedicated to finding new and innovative ways to offer the best patient care. Rooted in a long history of clinical excellence and a commitment to the highest ethical standards, we are building a multi-specialty model for care that can help transform the healthcare delivery system.

USRN Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement

At USRN Partners we strive to serve all of our patients, partner employees and healthcare partners without bias. You are our community and reflect diversity, shared experiences and a passion for care. We respect your race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, religion, abilities, socioeconomic status, experience, perspective and any other distinguishing attributes. We are deeply committed to upholding these values in the quality of our service.